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How Finding Your Reason Leads to More Possibility

In our last post, we talked about how your Reason for being can remain a constant in our life even as you move from decision to decision. But what if you’re not clear on your Reason? Then what do you do? 

In a recent COR workshop, one participant described how everything was exciting and fresh when he started in his current role. But even though he was performing well – and nailing every aspect of his business – something was off. He just couldn’t figure out what that something was.

Because of his family and financial goals, he stayed in his role and tried to ignore that inner feeling. Until he couldn’t.  

He joined our workshop to rediscover his Reason. With a little nudge from me and his workshop group, he realized he could use his imagination to address his challenge. That he could do the same work but look at it differently.

Will it still make sense for him to leave his profession someday? Maybe. But in the meantime, he feels better because he:

  • Acknowledged there was a problem 
  • Sought out a different solution
  • Placed his trust in a group of like-minded people who helped him change his perspective

There are many ways to follow our Reason

With clarity in hand, you’re better positioned to fulfill your Reason in more ways. It’s like having a North Star, but with dozens of ways to follow it. You can go back into the same environment with a stronger, clearer, fresher perspective. 

Author William Bridges said: “The first rule of transition is that when you’re in transition, you find yourself coming back in new ways to old activities.”

Each of us probably has areas in our lives where we will get more of what we want and need if we tweak our approach a bit. 

Some of us go through this process on our own (consciously or unconsciously). Others benefit from talking it through with someone one-on-one or in a small group. Regardless of your approach, you can identify more possibilities when you make decisions from a place of clarity rather than a vague feeling.

Let’s look at another example. I have a friend who’s a hugger. (We probably all know one.) When COVID-19 came along, she felt disoriented and wondered: “what will I do if I can’t embrace everyone?” 

I encouraged her to dig deeper. To discover what was behind her desire to embrace others. For her, it was the need to express her kindness. So, I helped her see that an embrace is just one way to do that. This allowed her to become curious and playful – to look for other ways to express her kindness and fulfill her greater Reason. 

What possibilities await you? 

Most of us tend to think of our actions at the surface. When we have clarity, we can see what’s really driving us. And it’s this precise realization that moves you from feeling stuck to giving yourself permission to play and experiment. 

Put differently, there are many ways to be kind. Don’t limit yourself to just an embrace. Instead, use your imagination to explore more options. When you approach it this way, you may just find three or four new ways to approach your challenge.  

Are you ready to feel jazzed up about an area of your life again? To ignite your imagination and gain greater clarity? 

Our DRIVEN workshop is designed to leave participants feeling more connected to their inner sense of purpose. Plus, participants learn how to apply their newfound skills within their team, their work, or in support of whatever mission they’re part of. 

Download a fast and easy exercise that can radically deepen your understanding of your Reason.

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