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Getting to the COR of the matter
I am driven to help you find your COR (latin for heart). Our dreams and sense of purpose live in our hearts. By seeking Connection, Opening our minds, and finding our Reason, we can truly realize the potential inside us.

Daniel Neitz

My Story

In 2015, during a health crisis in which I almost died, a tube was inserted into my heart to deliver medicine to bring me back to life. Thankfully it worked. You could say I have some pretty unusual knowledge of just how important the heart is. I believe the heart drives our sense of purpose. You see, after I recovered, I was finally able to move from my engineering sales career to coaching and counseling full time. That desire had always lived in my heart—I knew I was stuck—and it took a dramatic wakeup call to help me see the way. I don’t recommend that for you.

I can offer a much easier path!

Through our coaching sessions, a major focus will be on connection. The connection you have with yourself and the situations, people, and environments that help foster that connection. Our work is designed to help you better connect with yourself, with others, with important resources, with healing experiences, and ultimately with greater joy and sense of purpose.


We’re all human. We all want our lives to matter. That’s our reason. For me, my reason—the way to make my life matter to me—is to help others feel more connected to their reason. I think of myself as a catalyst that sparks good things in other people.

In 2020, I donated a kidney to a friend. That level of service isn’t for everyone—nor should it be. But I do believe that if I’m going to ask YOU to look deep inside yourself, connect with your heart’s values and purpose, and then act on that knowledge, I have to do it, too.


Words people use to describe me are authentic and genuine, and I see that as a supreme compliment. When we connect—either through 1-on-1 coaching or in a personalized workshop—I’ll ask the kinds of questions that get you thinking and feeling, and that gently nudge you forward in your journey.

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You are ready!

To have genuine, deep, connected conversations.

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“Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself.”

Client Experiences

“After receiving some challenging feedback, I realized I had taken my development as a leader as far as I could on my own; I needed some help. If I could choose one word to describe working with Dan, it would be enlightenment. Dan provided new lenses to view myself and the world through. Together, we sifted through the noise of life and distilled down in a very succinct way who I am and the values I bring to the world. It is an amazing experience to not only be able to see my values, but to have self-acceptance toward what I am trying to bring to the world. It was intriguing to see Dan purposefully navigate our sessions no matter what I brought up in the moment. Our work together has created improvement in all domains of my life. Dan’s unique approach made a huge difference in unlocking my potential.”

“I loved our weekly sessions and the chance to bring tangible interpersonal situations that I found challenging. Together we created strategies for me to implement that always produced great results. Our work has grown my self-awareness and given me many practical tools to communicate, motivate and connect more effectively. Working with Dan has been eye opening. I was surprised by the depth, vulnerability and the ease with which I was able to share about very important concerns. I don’t honestly know where Dan comes with what shares in his classes and coaching, but there is a rare quality in being with him.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dan as a coach and facilitator. I had my blinders on and was stuck in a professional rut when we began our coaching engagement. Our work together has helped me come out of that rut and grow in innumerable ways. I now more fully understand the values that motivate me professionally, the many destinations where I can live out those values, and the strategies for locating opportunities where I will resonate. I would not be in this place without Dan’s helpful guidance and candor.”

“I feel like I’m going to call Dan the “aha man.” It is without fail that any time I have a conversation with Dan, he says something or asks a question that makes me stop in my tracks, look inward, see a part of me that I’ve never seen before and say “aha!” It’s not always things that make me feel comfortable, but they are precisely what I need in order to grow and deepen.”

“Dan has been such an inspiration in my life since we met. He has a special ability to hear my story that helps me connect the dots in a way that is wonderfully empowering. There is something so different about time with Dan—I just love what emerges from being with him.”

“Simply put, Dan helped me see. Dan’s inspired blend of stories and sessions caused me to dig deeply into the core values that were underneath the surface. For those that may have a voice in the back of there head saying there is something more, I strongly suggest you reach out to Dan.”

“Dan’s broad background in business, philosophy and psychology in combination with a genuine vision and interesting the good of humanity is a rare and valuable gift. He speaks to and teaches from the heart.”

“Before working with Dan, I was wrestling with extraordinary imposter syndrome, lack of clarity, and depressed…and depressed about being depressed! As a guide, Dan came along at just the right time. With Dan as a guide, I’m walking away with language, tools, visuals, and a grounded confidence in who I am, and who I can help other people become.”

“From the very first conversation, I felt that Dan was someone who I could trust and who could really help me without passing judgement. I saw him as someone that could break down some confusion in my life. Knowing that Dan’s background and skill sets allowed him to support me in all areas of my life—personally and professionally was a huge differentiator. Dan cares deeply about making a difference through his work, and he definitely did that for me.”

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