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You KNOW more is possible, and you CAN achieve it!

You are a professional with a deep sense of what is possible and whose responsibilities include the development of others. It isn’t always easy. In fact, in our lives and work we all  sometimes bump against obstacles and frustrations. These seasons of stuck-ness or transition are deeply challenging. 

Does this sound familiar? Are you  feeling stuck personally and perhaps professionally, but you don’t quite know why. There is a growing restlessness inside.  Some untapped potential exists that you aren’t experiencing, and your efforts seem to consistently run into resistance. 

When you deal with resistance long enough, self doubt can creep in. You might be asking questions like, “Am I wrong for thinking this is so important? Do I need to learn to talk about it differently or is it even worth the struggle? Maybe I should just be more grateful and let it go?”

Within this frustration and uneasiness, there’s a part of you that knows you can’t quit. The inner sense of what is possible isn’t going to leave you alone. It never has. So what can you do? Having taken things as far as you can, now might be the time to engage a trusted voice who can help you navigate.

You KNOW more is possible, and you CAN achieve it!

Why am I the Right Person to Help You Get Unstuck?

There is a reason you are feeling this way. I get it because I’ve felt it myself. I understand how jarring it can feel when you have a strong sense of what’s possible, but others can’t or won’t see it. 

As a coach, I help individuals like you sort through what often feels like a heavy fog to find clarity and a way forward. My own coach did the same for me many years ago.

Transformation requires more than just new information. It requires new experiences including community. Through coaching, classes and community, COR creates experiences to serve people like you. Transform your understanding of yourself, your vision, and how to better express that vision in the world.

“After receiving some challenging feedback, I realized I had taken my own development as a leader as far as I could on my own; I needed some help. Through individual coaching and facilitated group experiences, Dan provided new lenses to view myself and the world through. Even though I engaged Dan to work on my leadership ability, our work together has created improvement in all areas of my life. Dan’s unique approach made a huge difference in unlocking my potential!” – Matt

“I would whole heartedly recommend working with Dan, both one-one and in his workshops for the way he challenges perspectives and gives you language to identify the thing inside you that continues to show up and drive you in life.” 

– Brian


Before you sign up, you should experience coaching.

  1. Sign up for a 60-minute session.
  2. If we need to, we’ll do a 2nd session.
  3. If this is a good fit, sign up for coaching or a class.

Set up a call NOW!

It’s time to get unstuck!


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