There is a point within us, that for many, is longing to be expressed in the world. It is where our sense of purpose comes from. The most successful leaders and cultures consciously create opportunity for their team members to express a sense of this point as part of their role. COR programs are designed to help leaders and individuals harness this point within to drive engagement and deliver important results.

COR workshops are designed to complement your existing approaches and systems. Participants are able to relax and engage without feeling pressured to adopt a new method or model. Every workshop is crafted to leave participants feeling more connected to their inner sense of purpose and how to apply their new found skills within their team, their work and in support of whatever mission they are a part of.

We help individuals develop a deeper sense of what drives them and to increase their capability to express this sense in the world. As leaders connect more with their own sense of purpose, they in turn model this for their teams. They simultaneously learn the secret to true engagement, which is cultivating a sense of purpose in those they have the privilege to lead.

Powerful speakers invite us to see the moment differently. They invite us to see ourselves differently. At COR we aspire to create and deliver powerful experiences that invite the audience to think more deeply about who they are and what brings them alive through authenticity and humor.


Coaching On Demand creates a powerful and beneficial service for any type of client. For a set monthly fee, you have access to COR when you need it. Schedule brief virtual meetings to discuss what is happening, work through any problems and gain powerful insights in a short amount of time.