If accountability, creativity, and initiative are lacking in yourself or your team, COR can help. Techniques and incentives don’t compare to the motivating power of purpose. COR helps leaders and their teams develop a greater sense of what drives them and how to use that sense in the missions or work they are already a part of.


There is a point within us, that for many, is longing to be expressed in the world. It is where our sense of purpose comes from. The most successful leaders and cultures consciously create opportunity for their team members to express a sense of this point as part of their role. COR programs are designed to help leaders and individuals harness this point within to drive engagement and deliver important results.

Invest in your team to access new potential. Experience new ways of seeing yourself and those you lead.

Custom engagements that deepen your sense of purpose and how to share that sense in the world.

Purpose doesn’t always have to be heavy. Have fun while thinking more deeply about what brings you alive.

A new way to move forward with what matters most. Coaching on your schedule, when you need it.




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