Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Hi! I’m Dan Neitz, and I started COR (Latin for Heart) to foster a greater sense of purpose in the world. Each of us has our own lens for looking at life. Mine is a purpose lens. No matter what is being said in the moment, I always seem to be listening for a sense of purpose. And throughout my whole career, I’ve leapt at ways to talk about and serve others around their sense of purpose.


My journey to creating COR includes some elements that you can probably relate to. I chose a major in college that really fit my interests, mechanical engineering. I loved my undergraduate work, and as graduation rolled around I did what many of us do. I dumped what I loved for the chance to make a bunch of money. Ouch.

To my credit, I went into technical sales which did require my engineering background. My sales role and money that I generated never really addressed my deep need to feel a sense of purpose. I was in sales for over twenty years. I probably began to think seriously about quitting after about four years. To deal with the unease of what was for me soul sucking work, I volunteered, mentored and got a masters in counseling psychology. It helped, but for decades I’ve wanted my work to be what I do today at COR.

In 2015, I got really lucky. I almost died.

Much easier to say that now that I have recovered. I had intended at the start of 2015 to move on from my selling career to do something truly purposeful by no later than June of that year. By May of 2015, I had made no progress on that goal. And so it is my belief that universe lost patience with me a bit. I needed a wake up call. Something that would “nudge” me onto the path I was really called to in life. The universe chose toxic shock syndrome.

They lost me on the table in the ER. They cut a hole in my neck and fed a tube directly into my heart in a last ditch effort to bring me back. I remember being smacked in the face and having the doctors yell at me to stay with them.

It all worked. And It hurt like I can’t even tell you, but it was worth it now. It was the catalyst that got me to finally take my own purpose life seriously.


So my purpose lens? If I was into purpose before nearly dying, I am obsessed with it now. I didn’t have the language during my selling career, but I know now I was never “engaged” in my work. Since I seem to see and hear everything from a purpose perspective, when I think about leaders and their engagement concerns I hear them as purpose concerns.

Thus my work at COR is about creating experiences that allow us to pragmatically connect with this same sense. Real engagement gives employees a sense of this point within themselves. Successful leaders ensure that what ever mission they give to their team that the act of fulfilling the mission will also give their team a sense of this point within them.

COR is latin for heart. The world has plenty of workshops and speakers focused on the brain and neuroscience which are all good things. There is only one thing involved in every moment of your entire life though and it is not the brain. It is the heart! We use our brains to accomplish our dreams and our sense of purpose. But those dreams and that sense live in our hearts. COR is about creating grounded and practical programs that connect us more with the heart.

Through Workshops, Keynotes and Individual coaching COR is about fostering a greater sense of purpose in the world. Find out more about how cultivating a greater sense of purpose in yourself and your team can drive engagement and results.