About Dan

About Daniel Neitz

An important teacher once told me: “The thing that you came in to life to do requires an engineering undergrad, an MBA, sales experience, and a background in counseling. All of these choices are purposeful and leading you towards what you are called to do.”

I am not just a leadership coach. I am a leadership coach with a diverse background enriched with ample learning opportunities. I am a lifelong learner; something I see as an immense strength. I am a survivor of a near-fatal experience; something that left me wanting more in life and pushed me to pursue my passion of coaching. I am emotionally brave. I have worked hard on my own sense of self and I am constantly looking to share and support others in attaining a greater sense of balance and harmony. I do this through my studies of intra and inter personal awareness.

The people in life I am wanting to serve are those that long to live far more purposefully. I have felt that longing for so many years. It is a core facet of my entire life. I don’t believe there is ever an end to being purposeful. No matter how balanced, or centered, or purposeful someone is…there is always more.