Welcome to the COR Blog

The impact of great leadership is profound, yet leadership is often a struggle. The COR blog is about connecting with this struggle differently.

Expect a steady rhythm of thought provoking perspectives designed to help leaders:

  • Sustainably motivate their team
  • Grow creativity, initiative, and accountability in those they lead
  • Strengthen the foundation of leadership through increased self awareness

Leaders who love COR’s work believe:

  • Their team is the most important asset for delivering results
  • Developing their team members is perhaps the best part of their role
  • Everyone has their own reason for being in life
  • Continuously exploring new ways to connect with others is essential

Who is COR?

We are a company dedicated to creating innovative ways for leaders to see and harness the potential within themselves and their teams. COR is latin for heart. At COR, we get to the heart of the matter.