The Point

Consider these three interconnected ideas:

  1. Leadership and engagement are dynamic. 
  2. Leadership used to be about authority, but now it is largely about influence.
  3. Influence requires a connection, and engagement is evidence of a connection.

These ideas lead to a fundamental question for any leader. If engagement is evidence of a connection, what are we actually connecting to?

A Point.

Leadership, influence, and engagement all come down to a Point that exists within everyone. Admittedly, it is tough to capture the essence of this Point, but its importance can’t be overstated.

Similar to our thoughts, we cannot view this point directly. We know its there, but we cannot put concrete descriptors to it. And like the wind or gravity, it’s a strong driving force. Our sense of purpose comes from this Point.

Using the word Point may make this place inside of everyone sound like it is static or unmoving, but it is actually dynamic. Leadership and engagement are dynamic because of this Point.

Consider this image:

The nature of this point within us is like the aperture on a camera. We can appreciate the idea of an aperture in the expressions “open your heart” or “open your mind”. Just like a camera this Point within us opens and closes depending on the situation.

Leadership is about making sure that your stakeholders feel a sense of this Point within themselves as part of the mission. To the degree that people feel a sense of this Point, they will follow you as a leader. If you have ever experienced someone saying they don’t see the point of what you’re asking them to do, it’s because they don’t see this point in the task or idea. Helping stakeholders connect with their Point is at the heart of influence. If you love to help develop others, this is the place to aim for in them.

But where does engagement come into play? Engagement is a key metric, and when we evaluate what it really means, it’s rather simple. Employee engagement is really just a measure of purpose. If someone is engaged in their work it is because this Point within them is engaged. When team members feel a sense of this Point in their role, they will be engaged. 

Now that we’ve established the concept of a point/aperture within us, the COR blog will begin sharing practical yet powerful perspectives designed to help leaders better “see”, relate to and harness this Point to drive results. Concepts without real world applications aren’t worth very much.

In the mean time, if you want to connect a little more with your Point consider this…

Where do your dreams live?

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