Life and leading are not mastered through a set of techniques. Key experiences and patterns in our lives invite explorations that ultimately reveal the solutions to our deepest challenges. More often than not, this exploration requires a new way of being.

This realization can be begrudging at first. Eventually a moment arrives where it feels safe to surrender to our inner sense, to look more deeply at what is important to us, and to accept that the results we are longing for require a new way of being. Life is journey, and certain phases of our journey benefit greatly from support.

Coaching at COR is designed to help individuals develop a deeper sense of what drives them and to increase their capability to express this sense in the world. The results are profound. As leaders connect more with their own sense of purpose, they in turn model this for their teams, and they simultaneously learn the secret to true engagement, which is cultivating a sense of purpose in those they have the privilege to lead.

COR’s belief is that through comfortable conversation, moments of powerful reflection, and supporting the goals of each client, we can help each individual gather context and insight to enrich their lives.